News Flash!!! We have joined the wonderful world of Fashion!

Exciting things have been happening. Natalie Gonsal from Universal Exposure Photography has teamed up with an incredibly inspiring Fashion Blogger, Lynette Moyo and this Duo are on Fire. They recently attended a Store Launch together for World renowned Missibaba and Kirsten Goss on their store opening where they combined forces to launch their Handbag and Jewelry fashion ranges. Go check out Lynettes Blog and view all the images from the event here! 





Our Blogspot

This is our first blog, and we are so excited to start sharing our work and amazing experiences with you, but firstly, let us welcome you to the wonderful world of Universal Exposure Photography.

We are a mom and daughter team that have been in the business for 7 years now, and we absolutely thrive on taking fabulous images of anything and everything that would make a great photograph.  Our main subject of choice is people, and we love to capture those moments in time, that will freeze that memory for life.

How did we get into the business you ask? Well, we started off with photography as enthusiastic hobbyists, and we were so enthusiastic that our passion grew fonder and fonder of the art of photography that we realised we had a wonderful talent, and had to do something about it and share it with the world, and that is why we are here today, blogging about it:)

What do we offer...Weddings, Model Portfolios, Fashion Photography, Portraits, Preggie and Babies, Special Events, Schools and anything we can imagine:)

Where can you view our work....Have a look at our newly launched website at sure to be intrigued with a vast range of portfolios, as well as packages and of course, contact details.


Here is a sneak peek of some of our all time favourites...



Whats New!
Here are some images from our latest shoots:




Whats Exciting!


June Special

Receive a 10% discount on all packages if you book for the month of June 2012.

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